Wednesday, August 1, 2012

hello again!

 we recently undertook a little project at home. a couple of our children decided to help us get started by ripping some wallpaper off the wall instead of taking naps. we found tiny shreds of wallpaper in and under our bed. but the carpet that's older than both mark and i was also good incentive for digging in to some bedroom remodeling fun. we let the kids help out with the unloading of the room, destructo work, and painting. i just love getting to share this stuff with our children!

so here's geldan (soon to be 2) wearing his safety glasses and dust mask hat. we have a cute video of this, but i don't know how to add it here. maybe mark can help me out sometime.

owen, nikao and geldan sure enjoyed making a mess of our room.  some of the kiddos were jammied already, but you know it was just too good of an opportunity to let them help out with the fun to pass it up because of pjs and bedtime. somehow we didn't capture any other pictures of our project, but everybody got to take turns painting. hogan even helped me with the trim! (actually, our room is back in order now - as of a couple of days - and i don't think we've even taken any after pictures yet.)

 so maybe i'll be a little more on the ball and post some more shots of our finished project. and hopefully it won't be a year before we post again.

happy days to you all!
kim, for the bunch of us milligans :)

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