Friday, February 18, 2011

wintertime wonders

it's been a wonderful winter so far this year. we've not been continually dumped with snow. nor have we had to endure extremely cold temperatures for too long. the house has been roasty toasty with our woodstove blazing. we've enjoyed being creative indoors, accomplishing a few projects and lotsa crafty creations. and the children are big enough to get themselves ready for outdoor play without much help from the momma.

we've built snowmen, snow forts, a snow cave,
thrown snowballs, and gone sledding a few times.

the weather has been warming up quite a bit and the children are now itching for spring. the momma is content to keep spring waiting because she doesn't like mudland and has some more things to knock off her to do list inside before we give our attention to the outdoors again.
so we're making the most of our indoor days and loving our adventures with our bunch of kiddos.

shiloh will be 2 very soon.
once our shy, sober one,
she has found her jubilee and now is miss charming!

at 4 months, geldan has found his fingers.
he is incredibaby, a delight to us all!!!