Tuesday, November 24, 2009

we're puttin' 'em to work early

here's our shiloh sweetie at 9 months. she wants to be a big helper. do you see the little dirt pile beside her rollie car? good job girlie!

we've been keeping busy.
shiloh can drive just about anywhere in the house with her rollie rollie.
able is a talkin' away these days. he's a trick to keep up with and still in his tornado ways.
nikao is a delight and is proudly wearing big boy underware all day and all night!
leannora has had a full social schedule with neighbor girlies asking - can leannora come out and play?
owen and hogan are our official students this year. history has been the blast with the boys. (leannora is often joining in with a twist of the hair - not so sure of the adventure stories we've been reading.)
momma has been enjoying the learning time during quiet time. a nice trick to keep tabs on the little ones while we accomplish things that need our attention without constant interruption.
we've been meeting sunday afternoons for church in our homes with the robertstad family here in edgerton. that has been a delight. fellowship has been sweet and full as we have been enjoying spending time with a family in milton too - the crenshaw family. both families have been a gift from God as we've been a long time praying for friends such as these!