Thursday, February 14, 2013

History of Hymnody

I finished listening to a class on the History of Hymnody by Kevin Twit.  If anyone is interested, here is the link:!/courses-history-of-hymnody.  I thought it was very lively and interesting.  If you do, let me know what you think. Oh, I think to listen to it, you need to register for free.  But it is another username and password to add to your growing list of logins.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

 happy 2013 from the bunch of us milligans!
it's been a while since we've visited our blog
 here's what we look like these days . . .
(and we asked the children to describe a bit about themselves for fun)
 hogan, soon to be 12, with lego creations
he likes to read, play outside, make things (with legos and in the basement with misc. junk)
and he recently started playing football with some guys after our church meeting
 owen goofballing with some birthday goodies - he is 10
he likes to climb, run, play with legos and has his own business, Owen's Herbal Industries
our animal lover leannora with charlie dog 
(grandpa bill and grandma sara's dog) 
leannora is 8
she likes to play the piano, she loves horses, and really enjoys drawing
we all love to eat her cookies
nikao is going to be 7 VERY soon 
and can't wait to share his middle man position in the family once the baby comes
he likes to have light saber fights with geldan and play chase, and play destroyer droids with able
he is really good at playing star wars angry birds
able is 5
he is going to join nikao as the milligan middle men
he likes playing races, star wars pencil wars, and star wars battlefields with his brothers
and pretending to be the greatest american hero
shiloh jubilee - cute as can be - she is 3
and will turn 4 around the coming of our new baby
"i like making bed, i just said playing in the snow, having a nap and having snack and making snowflakes, coloring in my coloring book, and uhm pretending toys (dress up) and playing outside and in the snow and going down the slides we have . . . and watching movies and having pink buttons on my birthday baby . . . "
our 2 year old geldan is a grand little boy
here's how his siblings described him . . . 
h -he likes light saber fights
o - he likes tickles and jumping on beds
l - he likes animals - real and stuffed
n - he likes playing the guitar
s - he loves playing with the dress up toys basically 
a - he likes playing with his turtle 
here's baby milligan due to arrive march 9
(well, this was taken a couple of months ago, 
so the momma and baby are considerably larger now)
happy days to you all!
(thank you ennis family for reminding us to update ourselves!)