Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 garden

a few weeks ago i was super hyper about this years garden.
i thought it would be fun to blog about this so i took some pictures of pre-planting.

so that's our main garden space above.
we did quite a bit of the preparation last fall.
then as soon as we could, we played in the dirt this spring.
mark fixed the fence for me too!

and here are seeds we started back in april:
broccoli, brussels sprouts, lettuce varieties, onion, peppers, and tomato varieties
we're trying out heirloom seeds for the first time!

this is a bit of our herb garden in need of weeding and more plants that we will actually use.
oregano, sage, lavender, chives, and garlic are currently in this spot at our back door.

we planted some sugar snap peas early and here they are just popping up a few weeks ago.
the first and maybe second rounds of spinach didn't do anything.

our friends passed on a few dozen old strawberry plants last fall.
they looked so pretty with their blossoms and tiny strawberry buds.

so just last week we finally got to put out our started plants and seeds.
in addition to the above mentioned plants, we also put out purple beans, carrots, and sweet corn.
the children took turns helping between learning time and meals.
it was a good time, but i was so focused on accomplishing the task that i forgot to take pictures.

we got swamped with rain for a couple of days this week and prior to that it was suuuuuuper hot!
i checked out our baby plants and many of them did not survive.
but we have oodles of seeds and maybe we can fill in, but just be later at this point.

next week will be round 2 of setting out seeds for a longer harvest.
i'll try to get out soon and take some pictures of garden progress that include the children.