Wednesday, April 27, 2011

House bummer & my sin.

So, our house buyer just said they want to back out of the offer to purchase. That's a bummer. But, God knows best. It's good to rest in Him who has endless and perfect wisdom, love, compassion, mercy, knowledge, faithfulness, etc. etc....

Also, I heard a lecture by Jerram Barrs today. It is the first in his class on Apologetics and Outreach. It was beautiful. He challenges his class to imitate Christ - specifically in the way He was not very welcomed by the "righteous", but very much by the "sinners". Jesus was called "a friend of sinners." That was His reputation. And, I have a difficult time being friendly with people I don't agree with much. Did Jesus agree with very many people? Did He let that get in the way of asking good questions, showing them much care, and pouring love and patience and grace over many hurting and wretched people ... .. like us? If Jesus had the tolerance, patience, love, mercy, and compassion I have, there would be no Christians - no sacrifice - no life. God, grant me the love for people that will drive me to seek them out. Let me find your glitters of "common" Grace in those most wretched among us, and may I speak highly and think highly of them based upon Your work within them. Whether I find them to be good husbands, or skilled teachers, or artisans in trade, or well-spoken, or men of justice, or whatever, let me credit both them and ultimately You. Teach me humility as I begin to love people enough to search them gently, and challenge them to reach for Life - knowing that I am but a poor blind beggar who has been touched by a healing Spirit. Thanks for your uncommon and fruitful grace upon those whom You've called out, Lord Jesus.


Monday, April 25, 2011

new news

nope, we're not expecting baby milligan #8, yet.
just planning milligan move #11 :)

so a lots been happening around here lately.
we've been thinking about putting our house on the market this spring.
at the beginning of the month mark decided we'll go ahead and give it a try.
he gave us 2 weeks to get the house ready to be listed.
we signed papers with our realtor april 14th.
last week we had 4 showings. . .
today we signed papers to accept an offer!
11 days on the market.
less than a month since we decided to get the house ready to sell.
if all goes smoothly, we will close on june 30th.
then the new owners have given us the option of renting the house from them until they can move in at the end of august.
and since we don't know what we're doing next, it seems that God is just taking good care of us.
the children have been doing a great job helping and are excited about future adventures awaiting our family.
we're just waiting on the Lord to lead, hopefully in faith and not foolish wanderlust.
since we don't have the green light to move to dixon yet, we are planning to stay close to edgerton.
edgerton has become our home.
mark's business has been established here.
and God has given us a wonderful church family!
but we are open to God changing our plans and moving us just about anywhere in His timing.
so ya'll can be praying as you please!

the children think a log cabin would be great.
but this is probably a bit too cozy, dontcha think? :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Bubbles

Here we are playing with bubbles on Easter day. It was a nice lazy day, which is good because we haven't had one of those in awhile.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mark's Birthday Blog

Here are my birthday presents. Owen made them for me. They are tools for working on instruments.

Here are some fun pix with my "looking glass tool."