Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Here is a picture of Able for you, Brooke.

Our Weekend

We had a really fun weekend. We went to a friend's cabin up north. They have 42 acres, mostly pine trees. We spent about four days exploring, shooting guns, having fires, sawing wood, burning tent worms, driving the Kawasaki around the trails, eating lots of good food, picking off ticks, tracking animals, and other fun stuff.

Here is one of the two trees we dug up to bring home.
Here it is still in its original location.

Here is the tree's new home in our front yard.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Okay, so Kim has a story to tell. It's about her Prune Angel at the grocery store. ......

i just shared my story with mark and he instructed me to blog it, so
God sent me a prune angel at woodmans today.
i have this attraction to prunes lately. even the children love em. and a while back i found that we liked the dole brand the best - they are the yummiest, moist, best for your buck, just the right stickiness - well, i could go on and on. anyway, the store has been out of that brand every time i've been shopping for months now. hmm. everybody else is on to my idea now i guess. we've tried about every other brand that is out there and none have measured up so far. so today, once again we were shopping in the prune aisle. i asked the children to help me hunt for our favorite brand. hogan even pointed out that he couldn't find em. and it was then that the prune angel appeared. there was no music. but she really came out of nowhere. she was just the right age for a prune angel too. she had a short grocery list in hand. she came alongside us in our search and pointed out that woodmans doesn't seem to be carrying dole prunes anymore...they really were the best brand because of the taste and price...and now it looks though they are substituting the del monte prune packages...although it is disappointing that the new product is only sold in 8 oz packages whereas dole was a 10 oz bag ...so she decided she was going to buy 2 packages... off she disappeared down the dried fruit aisle. i mumbled a few comments as she spoke agreeing and understanding every helpful word. then i asked the boys to put 2 packages into our cart and off we went to complete our 3 hour grocery shopping trip.

well we tried out those del monte's and i guess they are pretty good. we'll have to put it past the mark test.

stay tuned for more prune funnies. i really do have some other prune stories. do you know that i once served as a prune angel for the grocery stock guy as well as other prune customers. :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Here's a picture of our dirty weekend in the garden. We had some beautiful days outside. Kim blistered her ears from the sun ... I just couldn't get her away from the dirt. The children could live outside, I think... hmmm. Anywho, I got some work done on window repairs. Then, we had a busy Sunday (Church, tuning, big band concert/worship service). That was our weekend.