Saturday, February 13, 2010

oh baby!

able keeps asking me to sing "oh baby" lately. it's turned into my little song for shiloh. to the tune of pharoah, pharoah . . . except we sing: shiloh, shiloh, oh baby, we love you so, yeah yeah . . .

each of the children have a special song that i have made up lyrics to fit just them. although the first 4 have much more thought put in (shhhh - i do have plans to someday tweek the more recent kiddo songs)

so the point of this silly post . . . we're going to need to come up with a song for milligan baby #7 coming september sometime! the rumors are true, but probably not too surprizing. anyways, we are super excited. and the momma has even had a bit of a taste of yuckie pregnancy stuff this time around. it's a first for me to regularly feel yuckie. and i'm still sneezing. and trying to keep up with busy bunches of energy times 6, soon to be 7!!!

i'm still trying not to sound too untrusting of God when i ask Him why He thinks i can do this momma thing again. why is He choosing to bless our family? especially when i see how often i fall short in the good things He has already given! another opportunity to watch God's grace in action!

please pray for us if God brings us to mind. and feel free to pass on this crazy celebratory news!