Tuesday, May 24, 2011


so i've been trying to begin this epic blog thing that i've had on my heart to share for some time now but my brain is running in circles of sanctification and hope and i keep getting off the subject i started out wanting to talk about and now it's late and not much makes sense because i must be tired . . . yet i can't stop because i'm so hyper about what God is teaching me so i want to share it with others and maybe tomorrow i can get back to the point that i'm reading this really good book called a heart of anger so stay tuned and sooner or later i'll get my thoughts together enough to hopefully build others up instead of driving them crazy with run on sentences that do not have an end just like the blog that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, some buddy started typing it not knowing what it was that she wanted to say and she'll continue typing it forever just because this is the blog that doesn't end, yes it goes on and on . . .

Monday, May 23, 2011

chicken pox

we have the chicken pox.
our children were exposed to the chicken pox 2 weeks ago (tuesday, may 10).
we have been expecting them to be contagious just about now.
- on the lookout for fevers and spots beginning this weekend.
hogan had them when he was about 8 months old.
owen, leannora, nikao, able, and shiloh had them 2 years ago.
shiloh had a light case, so we thought she might get them again.
and geldan has not yet had them.
we know this is a touchy subject to some folks, but . . .
WE prefer to let the children build up a lifetime immunity by naturally exposing them to this fairly harmless, though very inconvenient childhood disease.
therefore, we knowingly visited a family who unknowingly caught the chicken pox.
oddly enough, we had been planning to visit this family for weeks.
very last minute we were informed of the chicken pox and had to make a decision.
we decided to take the chance, enjoy fellowship, and possibly share some spots.
anyways (sorry, i'm such an over-explainer!) . . .
nikao surprized us last night by revealing a back full of spots while getting ready for bed last night (sunday, may 22).
this caught us totally off guard because we know he has already had the chicken pox.
also, we kept the little ones - our suspected spot sharers - home from meeting with the church on sunday to consider those who would not want to be exposed.
so we have unknowingly let nikao, who is highly contagious (until his pox marks dry up and scab over), expose the chicken pox to others.
we are very sorry if this news causes any concern for others!
we also (as previously planned) spent the weekend at the non-toxic teen center painting the girls bathroom electric pink. (we'll have some pictures up on that later.)
so our chicken pox germs might be floating around there.
sorry, that was probably dumb timing on our part!
we may be contagious and/or carriers of the chicken pox for a few more weeks.
so until we know we are free and clear, we'll try to lay low and stay home for a while.
anyone is welcome to visit who's not afraid of the chicken pox.
and i should add . . .
we are not opposed to sharing, but do not want to share with just anybody.
chicken pox parties are out of our comfort zone.
and sharing with strangers is just a bit strange.
kimfor the bunch of us milligans