Tuesday, April 28, 2009


though we did not do such an exciting thing as to camp out on the beach, like our friends the hasting family, we milligans did have our own little camping experience recently. mark took hogan and owen camping at our church property so we could have a big fire and shoot our guns.

we did some yard clean up and decided to tackle our wood pile of too hard to split stuff and big stumps and sticks and other stuff laying around. we filled our 15 passenger van with the yard mess and left room for only one bench and a small amount of camping gear. the momma had an early morning Bible study at the church. so mark brought the kiddos up and we met there - in the rain. uhh, what a bum way to start off a fun plan. it was supposed to be a warm, sunny day. thankfully, the rain ran away, and mark was able to get the fire started. kim joined the adventurers after the wet, cold morning went away. mark wanted kim to shoot our new 12 gauge shotgun.yes, she did it, and it didn't knock her down or even bruise her!
the children took turns with our bb gun.

trying out the rifle was pretty fun too.
(i'm not sure why the only photos are of us girls with the guns?!?)
we had a picnic lunch, hiked around a bit on the 17 acre property, grandpa strub brought us burgers for supper, and we had some marshmallows and smores. kim was not up to the adventure of camping with the little ones, so as planned, she took them home. mark and the boys had a good time being manly milligans. and, yahoo, our wood is no more!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

chicken pox

coming soon to the home of the milligan family
yes, that's right, we've invited the chicken pox
anyone interested in lifetime immunity for their children?
well, mark your calendars
we estimate the contagious chicks to arrive about the end of april, beginning of may
yea, it sounds a bit crazy
but we survived it when we were kiddos
we'll let you know how things go as we'll know if this weeks exposure worked in a week or so