Monday, January 11, 2010

diaper school?!?!

so yesterday (sunday), mark and i attended a cloth diapering class at nicki's diapers in madison, wi. it was a super fun event! my parents watched the children for us so we could be free to take our time. and take our time we did because we were there for a few hours! nicki, the business owner, walked the bunch of us attending the class through her vision for the store, all about the evolution of cloth diapering, and washing instructions. we got to check things out with our eyes and hands and ask all the questions we wanted. kendra and val, you would love the place!!! sometime you'll have to come and visit so we can all have a momma diaper date!

nicki also announced that this week her own creation of cloth diapers will be available to purchase. those were our favorite-called best bottoms. the salesladies there told us that they expected the new line of diapers to sell fast and to order them online if we were interested. so i guess we're gonna try to get some of that style! i'd also like to try out a couple of other brands because the all in one pocket diapers, fuzzibuns and mother's touch, interested me. kendra and val - could you tell me again what you like and give me some details of how you make cloth diapering work for your families? i would love your input because i'm easily overwhelmed about such things. thus why i'm finally getting started with child #6! thank you so much for directing me to nicki's! and thanks a bunch for letting me learn from you - your help is invaluable to me!!!

i guess my goal is to get up and running with the cloth diapering stuff by shiloh's 1st birthday - february 23. a funny birthday present, huh?! but hey, we're homeschoolers, so we're expected to be funny about such things. did i mention that mark is experimenting with making his own homemade sourdough bread? and he wants to try milling our own flour! to top it off, this winter i'm planning on ordering heirloom garden seeds so i can collect our own seeds for future gardens! yep, we're on our way to planet weirdo.

Monday, January 4, 2010

the heart of many issues

today, i've been wrestling through my thoughts and reflecting on our full visiting weekend. (we hosted family for new year's and went to dixon for a big family event - celebrating Grandpa Hartzell's 90th birthday!)

my heart is heavy for our friends and family and brothers and sisters that are struggling through all sorts of issues. it's been reminding me of the lessons God has allowed us to work through for many years now. I think we're always in the process of growing and balancing, but lately God has been setting us free from yucky boxes that we've put Him in and ourselves as well as others.

on sunday, we were blessed to join with 2 families who are beginning to meet as a part of the church of dixon in their homes. we read through psalm 2. this and our conversation got me thinking and praying. here's where my thoughts and hopefully the holy Spirit have led me. . .

to begin, a gathering of yesterday's thoughts on psalm 2:
(maybe it would be good to read the psalm first before reading my thoughts on it)
-the nations turn against God, His truth, commandments, etc.
-but in vain as He has a sovereign plan, a coming King
-their (the nations) judgement is from God (not us)
-His plan is through the coming King, Jesus Christ
-serve and worship the Lord, fear Him (not the power of the nations)
-trust His sovereignty (even when things look bad)
-know Jesus Christ who is our blessing, refuge, and hope

so from that context and the context of various conversations throughout the weekend, here are further thoughts related to those above:
-all the yucky stuff we see and experience in the world is a consequence of SIN
-the Spirit helps us to discern and be convicted of problems in ourselves, others, the culture, the church, etc.
-we find solutions to these SIN problems in relationship with God's Word and Spirit
-the problems and solutions we see and find are to point us to our need for a Savior
-but we've gotten caught up in the excitement of movements that teach answers (ex. homeschooling, family integrated church, home church, creation, christian political action, etc.)
-in reacting to SIN and all sorts of answers with good intentions, we've made the mistake of worshipping convictions and have begun to set standards for ourselves and others
-we can fall back on the culture we've created by our personal reactions to SIN, but fail in the heart of all the issues - THIS IS VANITY!
-it is only through CHRIST that SIN is conquered
-we must focus on CHRIST and God's sovereignty! we must trust His sovereign plan! He lets SIN happen. He lets trials and persecution and trouble lead us to see our need for Him!
-we need to seek HIM for a BIBLICAL and SPIRIT LED true balance of LIBERTY
-then the true LIGHT will shine from us through our relationship NOT duty to Christ
-the heart of the issue is knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord - it's the message of the gospel, it's unstoppable!

i don't know that this even makes sense to anybody. but this kind of sums up what has been on my heart and mind. we have been so wrong to set standards for others and for ourselves. we want to confess to those that we have offended in this process of growing up in the Lord. we are so thankful that God has been revealing these things to us. and i guess whether it makes sense to anybody else it doesn't really matter. we rejoice that God is at work. we want to let God do His work in the hearts and lives of our friends and family and serve them and Him by sharing our lives in service however He leads. we pray that He will use our mistakes and the lessons we are learning to help others. and we hope that He will use us to be a light that shines of a sweet relationship with Jesus Christ our Savior and let us rest in the workings and timing of His plan.

He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it!

in Him,
kim milligan :)